Introducing the new Larue FP18 front plow

November 10 2020

Larue is proud to present the new FP18 airport front plow. The FP18 was designed to work under extreme conditions for high-speed runway snow removal. This plow is perfectly suited to rapidly scrape the snow to each side in the case of an accumulation on the runway.

The front plow is mounted on our flagship T95 dual-engine self-propelled snow blower. Our front plow is offered with with a uniform height or flaired-ends according to your snow removal condistions. Flaired-ends will improve to propel the snow even further on each side due to its superior height. With its 35 degree swing angle, you will be able to clear the runway on both sides at all times.

J.A. Larue sells snow blowers internationally via dealers in countries such as the United States, Chile, Argentina, Iceland, Spain, France, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and South Korea.

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