Larue is an industry leader in manufacturing and selling industrial snow removal equipment. We’re also a family-owned business. As a member of the large Larue family, you will benefit from modern equipment, team spirit, competitive advantages and more. See if there’s a place for you with us.


We believe that motivation generates its own rewards, and a welcoming workplace fosters cooperation, productivity, and above all, a passion for life, on & off the job. What better place to be part of the design, engineering, and manufacturing of world-renowned snow removal equipment than Quebec City, snow capital of the world! At least we think so. And what better way to ensure the peace-of-mind of our people than by providing a friendly and challenging atmosphere, cooperation, and family spirit. Larue isn’t so much a job as a way of life that’s a natural extension of your own.



Larue truly is the sum of its components. That means people. We’re committed to finding and attracting talented individuals that are as passionate as we are, outstanding in their field, and ready to be part of something bigger. Mechanics to assemblers, technical advisors to shipping clerks, engineers and industrial design technicians. It takes a lot of collective skill to build each of our Larue products. Send us your resume and let’s start a conversation.

Achievement without compromise

Great minds think alike, and when it comes to compromise, there is none. We’re relentless when it comes to quality, and that’s true at every level of our operation. Whether it’s design, engineering or the talent, skill, and experience of those we hire; at Larue we neither cut corners on working with the right people, nor on the quality of every last detail of our products and services. The success of each relies on the other. That’s the Larue way and it’s that simple.