We’ve been making snow removal equipment for over 45 years. That’s a lot of expertise, and it’s a lot of snow our blowers put in its place. We’ve served a loyal base of airport, municipal, contractor and government agencies, and they’ve helped make our reputation, and our products shine.

A History Of Achievement

In 1973, J.A. Larue inc. started as a repair shop for various types of heavy diesel equipment. Later on, the company specialized in rebuilding snow removal equipment until the founder André Larue had a vision to create a snow blower that would stand out, and stand up to the worst that snow and winter could bring. Now, nearly a half century later the company is managed by Denis and Louis Larue, the second generation, and has become among the largest makers of industrial snow removal equipment in the world. And no wonder. Founded and based in Quebec, where snowfall has been known historically to reach up to 5 meters in depth, Larue arose from a culture of snow. Snow isn’t weather in Quebec, it’s a way of life.

We live it, 4 months a year. And all of that snow has given us an expertise that few others can claim. Our snow removal equipment is a study in continuous refinement, relentless innovation and an ability to deliver highly customized machines to clients around the world. Snow fears Larue. And when it comes to clearing roads, Larue is a name you can count on.


Design, manufacture, distribute and repair industrial snow removal equipment for the global market. Ensure the representation and distribution of paving and compaction equipment in Eastern Canada. Care for the needs of our customers in order to satisfy their requirements through our teamwork and our spirit of innovation.


Become the world leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing industrial snow removal equipment. Stand out for our passion and dedication to provide a reliable, distinctive and globally recognized service.



Dedication is the wellspring of quality, service, and the tireless energy needed to meet and exceed expectations. It is the source of curiosity which in turn leads to increased knowledge and expertise. Larue is dedication.


Nothing drives dedication like passion. We don’t simply build machines, we put every last iota of ourselves, our expertise, and our obsession with being better into each and every last one of them. Larue is passion.


Larue is not a monolith. If we enjoy achievement, it is because of our differences, and our ability to channel them into innovation, quality, and service where the whole is much greater than the sum total of its components. There is no achievement without respect. Larue is respect.

Team Spirit

We achieve together. We pull together, we innovate together. Team spirit is the direct byproduct of respect. One cannot exist without the other. Only a team can build a machine good enough to wear the Larue badge. Larue is team spirit.


Dedication, passion, respect, and team spirit guide innovation. Innovation drives us, it inspires us to excel. Innovation changes everything. Larue is innovation.

Racing to be best

Since 2013, Larue is a proud and loyal sponsor of NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Alex Labbé #36, the only Quebecer to race full time in NASCAR. He was first driving for our team Larue Motorsport in the ACT Stock Car Racing Series, and got his chance to move to the bigger leagues. Alex won the ACT Quebec Series in 2014, the NASCAR Pinty’s Series in 2017 and now drives for DGM Racing in the Xfinity Series where he got 2 top 10s in 2021 and 5 top 10s in 2020. Larue Motorsport also supports younger drivers like Raphaël Lessard, 20 years old, who was racing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series this season but is now driving for our team in the ACT Series with the number 48.

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