Loader-Mounted Snow Blowers


Loader-Mounted Snow Blowers

D-SERIES Two-Stage Lineup

Larue loader-mounted snow blowers set the standard for safety, performance and productivity. With the largest selection in the industry, our models are offered with either a ribbon or dual auger conveyor. No matter the size of your operations, there is a Larue product adapted to your needs.

The D-Series two-stage line comes standard with the following equipment: Hardox® 500 directional spot casting chute with 2 section deflector, Wired joystick control, 4.3" LCD screen, 4 LED working lights, Hardox® 550 drum liner, Chromium carbide skid shoes, Hardox® 550 scraper blade, Emergency stop buttons, Level indicator on spot casting chute and Block heater.
Snow Blowers
D25 | D35 | D45 | D55 | D65
The serrated ribbon conveyor is designed to process a large amount of soft or freshly fallen snow. These models are commonly used in urban areas for truck loading, airports and mountains.
Performance Class
Casting Distance
Engine Power
Working Width
1,400 to 3,500 tons/h
125 to 150 ft
134 to 365 hp
91 to 114 in
Performance Class
1,400 to 3,500 tons/h
Casting Distance
125 to 150 ft
Engine Power
134 to 365 hp
Working Width
91 to 114 in
Dual Auger
Snow Blowers
D30 | D40 | D50 | D60
The dual auger conveyor is designed to be most effective against compact, hardened snow windrows and ice. These models are your best ally to cut through hard snow banks when widening roads and clearing commercial parkings.
Performance Class
Casting Distance
Engine Power
Working Width
1,800 to 3,500 tons/h
150 ft
173 to 365 hp
102 to 114 in
Performance Class
1,800 to 3,500 tons/h
Casting Distance
150 ft
Engine Power
173 to 365 hp
Working Width
102 to 114 in

Safety first

All of our models are built and tested with the operator’s health and safety as our top priority. We understand that you have a lot at stake in your daily operations and that you want to take care of your people. You cannot afford downtime. That’s why we designed our snow blowers in a way that minimizes the risk of accidents. Among those design elements are the off-centered spot casting chute for a superior visibility of the work environment, automatic clutch disengagement system if the unit suffers a blockage, safety bolts located on the opposite side of the street for a safer replacement, all maintenance points made from the ground and 2 emergency stop buttons to help keep the workers and road users safe.

Lighter but Meaner

Better design means significant productivity gains, but it also means better engineering with a triangular box frame construction, unmatched power-to-weight ratio and radiator located on the left side to reduce the possibility of frosting or blocking. The impeller and drum are embedded in the center of the unit to greatly facilitate snow processing and to help reducing lateral overflow. Closer center of gravity with the wheel loader delivers great stability.

Outstanding performance

Our unique conveyor and impeller design enables our customers to process more snow, faster. Our units are all equipped with a Cummins® turbo-diesel engine. Power output ranges from 134 to 365 horsepower with a casting distance of up to 150 feet. Performance class goes from 1,400 to 3,500 tons/hour. It’s simple, we have the power you need to take snow out of your way.

Rugged Durability

Our units are designed to perform relentlessly under extreme weather conditions. The parts that we make or install have been built and tested to last. Particularly the wear parts which are made in Hardox®, a type of abrasion-resistant steel with high durability, and some are even made of chromium carbide which can last up to 4 times longer. We make sure that your snow blower does not let you down when you need it the most.

Ultimate precision

Experience precision casting with a thick, solid stream that provides an impressive snow compaction rate. Larue products are all about clearing the roads right on the first time, everytime.

Superior visibility

Built with the operator in mind, our snow blowers are designed to offer superior visibility due to the angled hood shape and off-centered chute location. Better visibility means reduced operator fatigue, a key safety element when your staff works for long shifts. The 4 LED working lights also increase visibility during your night time operations.

Ease of Maintenance

Our equipment is easy to service with great accessibility to mechanical components directly from the ground, allowing to reduce maintenance time and cost. The wet-type multi-disc clutch integrated into the transmission requires no maintenance or periodic adjustments. We also make sure to use mainstream, easily available parts to reduce lead times and get you back on the road faster. Convenience is something we’ve built into our approach, and in our lineup.

Owning & operating cost

Our machines have been engineered to maximize uptime and lower your cost of operation, leading you to a better return on investment. We carefully choose our parts and components in order to respect your budget when it’s time to repair or replace. We’re in the business of satisfying and elevating our clients to maximal profitability so they come back to us when it’s time to renew their fleet. A formula that we succeed with since our beginnings over 45 years ago.


Almost all of our new two-stage models have a certified Stage V engine, the strictest emission standard currently in effect. Our unique engine integration improves fuel economy without compromising its performance and reliability.


Standard Specifications


D30 | D35

D40 | D45

D50 | D55

D60 | D65


1,400 tons/h
1,800 tons/h
2,400 tons/h
3,000 tons/h
3,500 tons/h

Volumetric Capacity

1,750 yd3/h @ 1,700 lb-ft
2,900 yd3/h @ 2,150 lb-ft
3,600 yd3/h @ 2,500 lb-ft
4,650 / 5,300 yd3/h
@ 4,500 lb-ft
4,650 / 5,300 / 6,050 yd3/h
@ 4,500 lb-ft

Casting Distance

125 ft 38 m
150 ft 46 m
150 ft 46 m
150 ft 46 m
150 ft 46 m


Cummins® F3.8
Cummins® F3.8
Cummins® QSB6.7
Cummins® B6.7
Cummins® B6.7 / L9

Emission Standard

Stage V
Stage V
Tier 4 Final
Stage V
Stage V

Engine Power

134 hp 100 kw
173 hp 129 kw
235 hp 175 kw
310 / 326 hp 231 / 243 kw
310 / 326 / 365 hp 231 / 243 / 272 kw

Engine Torque

406 lb-ft 550 N-m
457 lb-ft 620 n-m
655 lb-ft 888 n-m
950 / 1,014 lb-ft 1,288 / 1,375 n-m
950 / 1,014 / 1,151 lb-ft 1,288 / 1,375 / 1,561 n-m

Fuel Tank Capacity

46 us gal 175 L
46 us gal 175 L
66 us gal 250 l
92 us gal 350 l
92 us gal 350 l

Working Width

91 in 2.31 m
102 in 2.59 m
110 in 2.79 m
114 in 2.90 m
114 in 2.90 m

Working Height

42 in 1.07 m
52 in 1.32 m
54 in 1.37 m
55 in 1.40 m
60 in 1.52 m

Truck loading height

125 in 3.18 m
129 in 3.28 m
129 in 3.28 m
139 in 3.53 m
139 in 3.53 m


7,000 lb 3,175 kg
7,500 lb 3,402 kg
8,000 lb 3,629 kg
10,250 lb 4,649 kg
11,000 lb 4,990 kg

Ribbon / Auger Diameter

28 in 711 mm
2 x 17 in
32 in
2 x 432 mm
813 mm
2 x 17 in
32 in
2 x 432 mm
813 mm
2 x 20 in
36 in
2 x 508 mm
914 mm
2 x 26 in
40 in
2 x 660 mm
1,016 mm

Impeller Diameter

28 in 711 mm
34 in 864 mm
34 in 864 mm
40 in 1,016 mm
40 in 1,016 mm

Minimum Loader Size

1 yd3 0.78 m3
1.8 yd3 1.38 m3
2 yd3 1.53 m3
2.5 yd3 1.91 m3
3 yd3 2.25 m3

Cab Control


Bluetooth wireless control system enabling faster pairing with the wheel loader.

5.7" LCD Screen

Larger LCD control screen with extra buttons for a more user-friendly experience.

Chute Configuration


18" or 30" hydraulic telescopic chute extension to facilitate truck loading and increase casting precision.


Enables the chute to be unclogged from the ground, increasing safety and speed of operations. Reduces total height to facilitate transportation on a trailer.


36" drum outlet extension increasing casting distance and reducing snow stream for better visibility.

Raised Spot Casting Chute

Chute section which allows both truck loading and getting increased throwing distance using the drum. Must come with shotgun.

Chromium Carbide Spot Casting Chute

A chromium carbide loading chute lasts approximately 3 times longer than standard Hardox® 500.


For better precision and to have more control over the snow stream. Available in Hardox® 500 or chromium carbide.


Enables lubrication of the chute at a single point from the ground.



Allows the operator to steer the snow blower more effectively in the snow bank and improves the cutting line precision. Available on the right side.

Dual Steering Vane

Allows the operator to steer the snow blower with both steering vanes simultaneously. It improves steering to get in or out of the snow bank while increasing the cutting line precision.


150 degree drum rotation

Drum rotation by hydraulic motor allowing to cast from left to right on a 150 degree angle span.


A chromium carbide drum liner lasts approximately 3 times longer than Hardox® 550.

Drum Alignment Guide

Located on the tilting chute, it indicates the drum position. Available in plastic or steel for drum rotation by cylinder only.


Heated LED Working Lights - Frame

Improves forward visibility by eliminating the risk of snow accumulation on the lights.

Additional LED working lights - Hood

2 LED working lights on each side of the hood to improve forward visibility at night.


LED light located inside of the safety bolts compartment for night intervention.

LED Light - Engine Compartment

Located inside the engine compartment allowing lighting for night maintenance.

Engine cut-off - Safety bolts access door

The engine shuts down when the operator opens the safety bolt access door and a light comes on to facilitate bolt(s) replacement.


Allows easier and safer access to the chute.

Air Horn

Safety horn to draw attention when the equipment is running.

Durability & Efficiency


Reverse rotation system for the conveyor and impeller to release the snow or debris.


Installed on the dual auger conveyor, ice cutters brake the ice faster. One kit allows to equip one auger.


A chromium carbide scraper blade lasts approximately 4 times longer than Hardox® 550.


Prevents wear of the drift cutter by lasting longer than Hardox® 550.


Offers complete protection under the snow blower. Available in Hardox® 550 or chromium carbide.


Protector that is installed on the left or right drift cutter to prevent wear caused by the friction of the snow truck.


Protector that is installed on the left or right drift cutter to prevent wear caused by the friction of the guardrail.

UHMW Hood Protector

Prevents hood wear caused by rocks and abrasives.


Prevents debris from going into the radiator.


Keeps the snow in front of the conveyor and prevents overflow above the blower head.

Protection rail

Steel rail on the left side to reduce friction and tear from the snow trucks.


Indicates the temperature and level of the hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic oil pressure gauge

Indicates the pressure level of the hydraulic oil.

Air Intake Pre-Cleaner

Double filtration to counter humidity in the engine. Only available on Cummins® B6.7 and L9 engines.

Battery Charger

Maintains a constant charge on the battery. Available with 1.5A or 240V.

Remote jump start terminals

Remote jump start terminals on the side of the snow blower to boost the batteries faster and more easily.



Allows faster coupling of the snow blower with the wheel loader.

Custom Paint Job

Match your loader color or choose any color you want.

Lifting Hooks Kit

Allows the snow blower to be elevated with chains or with an overhead crane.


Mountain pass opening

Snow bank removal

Truck Loading

Rural road clearing


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