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Ribbon or Screw Conveyor?

June 20 2021

Snow removal needs differ depending on the use of the snow blower. Municipalities and contractors are the main buyers of our loader-mounted snow blowers, because it gives their wheel loaders work in the winter. Therefore, Larue offers two categories of two-stage loader-mounted blowers as well as single-stage blowers specifically for snow dump sites.

At first glance, our detachable snow blowers appear similar. Even when comparing their technical specifications, they are mechanically and electronically the same machine. For example, the D50 and D55 loader-mounted blowers have the same engine, blowing capacity, working width and casting distance.

Why do we offer a pair of nearly identical snow blowers?

First of all, the answer to this questions is in the conveyor. Our D-Series two-stage product lineup can be seperated in two categories. Our D25, D35, D45, D55 and D65 snow blowers are equipped with a single ribbon auger, which is larger. On the other hand, our D30, D40, D50, and D60 snow blowers are equipped with dual augers, which are smaller but more productive in icy snow conditions.

Which one is best?

The best conveyor configuration will be determined by your work environment, snow conditions and snow bank height that you get each year in your region. Therefore, the ribbon conveyor is best with soft snow that was not manipulated. They are more commonly used in urban areas for truck loading, airports and mountains. Ribbon type conveyors have a deeper snow intake capacity allowing a faster working speed in certain situations. Contrastingly, dual auger conveyors are more effective against compact, hardened snow windrows and ice. They are frequently used for commercial parkings, road widening and cutting through hard snowbanks where foreign debris can be present.


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