October 13 2021

Track Equipment adds Larue industrial snow blowers to its portfolio. Larue is a Canadian manufacturer of snow removal equipment recognized worldwide.

Porte-de-Savoie, October 13th 2021 – Larue is proud to announce its official partnership with Track Equipment for the exclusive distribution of industrial snow blowers in France. Larue snow blowers are a great addition to their existing snow removal offering as they are loader-mounted. It will allow them to respond to a specific market, particularly in the Rhône-Alpes region where snow accumulation is the largest in the country. Larue also offers self-propelled snow blowers for faster and more productive snow removal operations in airports and mountainous areas. Focusing on its customers, Track Equipment recognizes that Larue is the leader in loader-mounted snow blowers, with a complete product line (from 134 hp to 1,200 hp) that is reliable and technologically advanced in terms of design, performance and safety.

About Larue

Founded in 1973 in Canada, Larue is one of the largest manufacturers of snow removal equipment in the world. The company builds industrial snow blowers, airport brooms and plows. Their customers are mainly municipalities, airports, contractors and government agencies. Thousands of Larue products are currently being operated in 13 countries. You can count on Larue products to be reliable, cost-effective and safe. Larue remains at the forefront of the industry by designing new products and offering customization to meet all industry requirements. When snow accumulates or a storm hits, you need to act quickly and rely on equipment that combines power and reliability. That is where Larue comes in: with their wide range of products and the many options available, you get a machine that is adapted to your reality and the conditions in which you operate. Storm through, with Larue.

 About Track Equipment

The 70 year old family business is now run by Serge Monod, who has 30 years of experience. Mr. Monod created in parallel the company Track Equipment in 2009, to distribute Canadian farm tractor tracks “Soucy Track”. Seduced by the different technologies of North America, Track Equipment has also taken the national distribution of “Metal Pless” snow plows in 2016, then Normand snow blowers in 2018, “Trecan” snow melters in 2020 and today Larue, becoming an almost exclusive distributor of Canadian equipment.

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