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By the Larue Team

For snow blowers, the job is never easy.

They're used in extreme weather conditions, and some wear parts are in very high demand.

Most snow blowers on the market are made only of mild steel, even though many techniques have been developed to prevent steel from wearing out too quickly.

At Larue, we have a secret recipe to protect against premature wear: chromium carbide.

a robust alternative

Chromium carbide is a robust alternative to Hardox steel. It is more resistant to abrasions and requires less maintenance.

This material is composed of a sheet of steel, covered with chromium carbide on one side.

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    The stripes

    The carbide is soldered to the steel, which makes a chromium carbide sheet very easily recognizable even after being painted, because it has stripes.

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    The color

    Unpainted, chromium carbide is identified by its colour. Steel is a reddish colour, whereas chromium carbide is black. On the chute, the steel and chromium carbide overlap at a single spot, on the soldering points..


If one of these two parts breaks or wears down too quickly, the whole machine is rendered useless. Some snow blower parts can be made from chromium carbide to prolong their service life :

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The Drum

The internal chamber of the snow blower. It takes the full brunt of any debris buried in the snow, such as ice or rocks.

la chute

The chute

In two or three sections depending on the model. It must throw the snow in a single, precise stream.

At Larue, the ratio of machines sold to a number of replacement parts sold is absurdly high. This ratio has grown even higher since we started offering chromium carbide.

The reason is simple: our blowers don't break!

You're interested in chromium carbide durability?

Chromium carbide is definitely not a cheaper option. At least, not when you buy it. However, since it wears down very slowly, chromium carbide saves costs in repairs and replacement parts.

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